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Oak, relative humidity and Underfloor heating

As an independent flooring consultant, I regularly get asked to inspect and report on oak wooden floors that have cracked, warped, lifted, or delaminated. Inevitably the floor failure has something to do with moisture. Usually, due the moisture content being too high Less frequent but becoming more common, due to the moisture content becoming too [...]


As my role as a flooring expert I come across floors that have been fitted on top of Asphelt. Asphelt is a coating that was used frequently up until the mid-1970’s. It usually has a dual purpose. Acts as a damp-proof membrane Is a surface that could be lived on and used as a finished [...]

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Moisture in floors

As an independent flooring inspector, I have repeatedly stated how important it is to check the subfloor to gauge its moisture content. If you do not check it at the onset it may very well come back to haunt you. Even floating floors: Builders have a habit of underestimating moisture contents in floors, suggesting that [...]

Floor sanding independent flooring inspector

As an independent flooring inspector, I am often asked to look at sanded floorboards. A very wise man once told me that floor sanding is almost as much about understanding and managing clients’ expectations as it is about the actual process. I took his advice and from that day I have experienced very few issues [...]

Side Bonding / Rafting – Failing Wooden Floors

The nature of my latest  Independent flooring inspection was a strange one. It was a beautiful period property lovingly restored, keeping as many of the original features as possible. The floors were replaced using a pine species, tongue and grooved. They had been lovingly sanded, polished, coloured and lacquered; a very tidy job. Until you [...]

Moisture in floors – Expert Witness Inspectors

As an independent flooring inspector, I have always said how important it is to check the subfloor to guage its moisture content. If you do not do this at the onset it may very well come back to haunt you. The customer may well think that the subfloor is dry enough to lay the wooden [...]

Testing the subfloor for moisture – Expert Witness Inspector

In most cases when I make an expert witness inspection of a wooden floor the problem is usually attributed to moisture either directly or indirectly It is a general overview that if a wooden floor is incorrectly fitted onto a damp or wet subfloor It is likely to fail within its lifetime Require replacement An [...]

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Anhydrite floor screeds and relationship with Karndean or Amtico flooring Expert Flooring Witness

I was asked in my role as an Karndean expert floor witness to look at a Karndean floor that was in the words of the consumer bubbling off the floor in her new Kitchen extension. The consumer was at odds with the retailer who had supplied and fitted the failing floor who She claimed was [...]

Expert Flooring Witness Under Floor Heating Failing

As an expert flooring witness, I am increasingly called out to look at issues revolving around either Amtico, Karndean or wooden floors when used with underfloor heating. The primary reason for the floor failures is that the person fitting the Under-floor heating does not talk to the guy fitting the Amtico, Karndean or wooden floor. [...]

A £2000.00 Amtico floor failed for the sake of £10.00

I cannot stress how important it is to follow the rule book and read the manufacturer’s instructions The was a very costly mistake made in Bath 2016 Potentially a lovely straight forward Amtico floor in a larger than average Bathroom The subfloor was Suspended floor with uneven floorboards The finished floor was Amtico Signature in [...]