In most cases when I make an expert witness inspection of a wooden floor the problem is usually attributed to moisture either directly or indirectly

It is a general overview that if a wooden floor is incorrectly fitted onto a damp or wet subfloor

  • It is likely to fail within its lifetime
  • Require replacement
  • An inconvenience and unnecessary cost to all involved
  • You Must check for moisture prior to installation

There are a number of ways that a moisture you can test for moisture to include:

  • RF Detector ( uses radio frequency)
  • Pin Meter ( uses conductance)
  • Usually used on wooden substrates
  • Hygrometer (Records the relative Humidity that comes out of the floor)
  • Used on screeded floors

It is important to remember that the first two only give you an indication of the moisture content of the subfloor and that the third Meter (Hygrometer) is key the first two meters should be used to identify the area of the floor with the highest moisture reading.

The magic number is 75%  ie the moisture content of the subfloor should be no greater than !


Remember as an independent flooring inspector and or expert flooring witness most of the problems with a wood floor are attributed to moisture


With so many options to check nowadays the problem can easily be turned into to an opportunity to solve something.

If you have any queries relating to moisture please call Independent flooring consultants

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