As an expert flooring witness, I am increasingly called out to look at issues revolving around either Amtico, Karndean or wooden floors when used with underfloor heating.

The primary reason for the floor failures is that the person fitting the Under-floor heating does not talk to the guy fitting the Amtico, Karndean or wooden floor.

Consequently, many of the floors show symptoms such as gapping, swelling, lifting or Cupping.

There are so many ways to install Underfloor heating these days that there really is not much excuse for the floor to fail. If only they had communicated!

With my expert witness hat on, I very often must advise the two opposing parties of this.

The floor layer could have advised the Underfloor heating installer what should be done to the sub floor before he installs the tray and how the surface of the tray should be left and or deal with the sub floor first and prepare the trays himself.

Another thing as an expert witness I observe is how many folks run their Underfloor heating from the wall thermostat.

We have just had a cold snap so what happens is that the floor gets to hot as the air temp wall mounted stat on the Underfloor heating demands hot water to heat the room as quickly as possible, with no thought of the floor construction, so the floor gets to hot and fails.

As an expert floor witness I am always advising the two parties that if one had reminded the other or if he had bothered to find out that the floor temperature should not exceed 27 degrees then I would not need to be here as a floor probe could be fitted or at very least the flow temperature of the underfloor heating turned down


The moral of the story is that the Under floor heating installer should ask what floor covering is being applied and the floor fitter should check that the subfloor including the underfloor heating is

Ready to receive the Amtico, Karndean or wood.


Communication is key


Cary Ford Flooring Consultant