I cannot stress how important it is to follow the rule book and read the manufacturer’s instructions

The was a very costly mistake made in Bath 2016

Potentially a lovely straight forward Amtico floor in a larger than average Bathroom

The subfloor was Suspended floor with uneven floorboards

The finished floor was Amtico Signature in the flooring world probably the Rolls Royce

Of LVT products.

The specification for the job was belt and braces.

Fix and secure loose boards

Install SP101 plywood

Prime and apply 3 – 4 mm of suitable reinforced smooth compound

That should do it, no direct sunlight, no underfloor heating on the face of it a very low risk job.

Or so one would think

The store got a call to say that the tiles were lifting.


The estimator asked me to do site visit as he could not understand how by following the right procedure that the floor was failing.

He had spoken to the very well qualified fitter who had assured him that he had done everything right.

Well upon inspection it took me approx. 2mins to figure out the problem, I did not want to take up

An entire tile in the middle of the of the Bathroom, although they were doing a very good job of this themselves. Instead I had a peep underneath and suspecting the likely cause opted to take a tile up at the edge.


The ½ tile came easily and with a large section of smoothing compound, on close inspection I could not find evidence of a primer. Or the correct coverage of adhesive.


To prove the point, I did a wet test, sounds technical, but is simply wet finger wiped across ply. If the ply changes colour significantly then it has not been semi sealed.


This is the job of the primer. If primer is not used, then the water in the water based smooth compound can soak into the porous material to quickly and not stick.

Not dissimilar to priming a wall before painting

This what had happened here

The fitter had ply boarded the floor, but had not put the primer on before applying the smooth compound.

The result being the whole floor is lifting off the ply “Ouch” for the sake of possible £10.00 and ten minutes

The whole £2000.00 floor was replaced.

Who knows why the Installer did not do it

Forgot the bottle

Did not want to wait for it to dry so could go home earlier

Thought he could take a chance

Or Did not read the instructions !!!