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The thought of learning legal action can be a daunting prospect, gathering evidence, writing reports and appearing in court. In a situation whereby you do not want to pay for poor flooring installation we are here to help.

Definition of a Failed Flooring

Includes but not limited to; Possible installation faults can include instances where by the adhesive was incorrectly applied. This would lead to symptoms such as lifting from the adhesive creating an uneven surface, posing a potential health and safety tripping hazard and if left untreated can potentially lead to mould and long term degrading.

Impervious Vinyl Floor Faults

There are two types of vinyl flooring- tiles and roll cuts.  Common vinyl tile problems include warping, shrinking and expanding whereas a regular fault with a roll vinyl floor is uneven wearing due to inadequate sub floor preparation.

Click System Flooring Faults

Floating vinyl floors under click systems can buckle and rise due to an insufficient expansion gap. In 2016, after being fitted 12 months prior, reported cases began to emerge whereby this particular system was failing due to prolonged exposure to sunlight in south facing properties. The residents came to us seeking advice on the legal proceedure to have their failed flooring systems replaced. The end result was that several floors were replaced leaving them very happy residents.

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